If you don't know what you are working towards, how will you know when
you succeed? 

EcoLeaders earn valuable certification that boosts career skills and employment prospects by taking four steps:  

  1. Declaring and sharing your personal EcoMission
  2. Designing and implementing a sustainability project on campus 
  3. Supporting and networking with other emerging leaders across the nation 
  4. Applying for and earning recognition for gaining project-based leadership skills

What is an EcoMission? An EcoMission is your:

  • Idea of what success looks like for the environment and wildlife
  • Declaration to working towards sustainability on campus and in your community
  • Purpose and passion for the environment and wildlife

An EcoMission is a critical step in:

  • Identifying values
  • Focusing interests and building upon strengths
  • Reflecting on and achieving goals
  • Creating a larger sense of meaning and life purpose

Declare Your EcoMission

What Is Your EcoMission?