What is National Wildlife Federation's EcoLeaders Program?

The NWF Campus Ecology team has been working with colleges and universities for over three decades to protect wildlife and habitat through campus sustainability efforts. Recognizing that students themselves are often the catalysts for change on campus, NWF created the EcoLeaders program - a leadership and career development program for high school upperclassmen, college students and young professionals, and the faculty and administrative advocates for these future leaders.

Why NWF EcoLeaders?

NWF EcoLeaders envisions a future in which all wild creatures and natural areas are protected and thriving, and all people have the opportunity to live healthy, prosperous and fulfilling lives. We envision a way of life that embodies the values of economic, social and environmental equity and sustainability. We believe that young leaders are vital to making this vision a reality.

Hands-on experience

Hands-On Experience

Gain hands-on project experience that will help you make a real impact on today’s biggest environmental issues

Mentorship and Support


Set yourself apart from others looking for a fulfilling, well-paying job that is good for the planet.


Career Resources

Turn your passion into your profession. Learn how to prepare for and find a great job to help the planet.

Why Join NWF EcoLeaders?

For more than 30 years, NWF has been working with students on projects that create greener, wildlife-friendly campuses and communities. NWF's EcoLeaders Program provides project design and management resources that will empower you to make a real impact on today's biggest environmental issues, while also helping you build leadership skills that will set you apart from your peers. Check out what students, faculty and employers are saying about NWF's EcoLeaders Program

  • Learn about and make a real impact on today's biggest environmental issues.
  • Connect the individual issues you are passionate about to a larger movement aimed at protecting wildlife and improving people's lives.
  • Connect and collaborate with peers to speed learning and increase impact.
  • Build leadership and sustainability skills that will differentiate you from other candidates in a competitive job market.
  • Connect to NWF's staff, networks and resources.

How it works

Start or Join
Declare an EcoMission

Tell us why you do what you do by sharing your EcoMission with the community.

Connect with leaders
Work On a Project

Participate in a sustainability project on campus, and check out the EcoLeaders project planning resource library.

Build your skillset
Support Others

Support and network with other students and young professionals across the U.S.

Get recognized
Get Certified

Earn certification for your project-based leadership for the environment to share on your resume.