Become an EcoLeader

The NWF EcoLeaders Initiative supports, connects and recognizes students for their contributions to the multi-faceted work of achieving a sustainable future.  Our online community was designed for students to develop, enhance and collaborate on sustainability projects and campaigns.   

What is an EcoLeader?
  • A student who is concerned about the environment and ready to take action on campus or in the wider community and world.
  • A change-agent for wildlife and the environment.
  • A student committed to sharing projects and campaigns with other students who also are trying to have a positive environmental impact. 

How it works
In the NWF EcoLeaders Community you can:
  • Find local projects or campaigns to join, or create your own.
  • Build relationships with other student leaders working on the sustainability and environmental issues you care about.
  • Develop your leadership skills and deepen your knowledge about the issues you care about through the educational resources on the site.
  • Earn recognition for your projects and leadership through our two EcoLeader badges.

Why NWF EcoLeaders?
NWF EcoLeaders Initiative was designed to facilitate collaboration between students working to create a just and sustainable world.  We believe that young leaders are vital to ensuring a future in which all wild creatures and natural areas are protected and thriving, and all people have the opportunity to live healthy, prosperous and fulfilling lives. 

Why Join NWF EcoLeaders?
  • Learn about and make a real impact on today's biggest environmental issues.
  • Connect the individual issues you are passionate about to a larger movement aimed at protecting wildlife and improving people’s lives.
  • Connect and collaborate with peers to speed learning and increase impact.
  • Build leadership and sustainability skills that will differentiate you from other candidates in a competitive job market.
  • Connect to NWF’s staff, networks and resources.

For more than 25 years, NWF has been working with students on projects that create “greener” campuses and communities. NWF’s EcoLeaders Initiative will provide you with hands-on project experience that will enable you to make a real impact on today’s biggest environmental issues, while also helping you build practice and leadership skills that will set you apart from your peers.
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