This toolkit is designed for career services professionals, guidance counselors, teachers, and other educational professionals to provide a framework and process for utilizing the National Wildlife Federation’s (NWF) EcoCareers resources in their classes, on their campuses, and in coordination with other academic and career development programming. While all of the tools, resources, and events provided by the NWF EcoLeaders Career Center are available for individual students and young leaders to use on their own, this toolkit is intended to support advocates in bringing these resources to classes or other groups of young people.


Click here for our Facilitation Guide for Career Services professionals.

Click here to download (Microsoft PowerPoint presentation) our Career Center Presentation.

Click here to download (Microsoft Word document) our Career Planning Strategy Worksheet.

Click here for our EcoCareers Conference Host Guide.

Click here for a calendar of sample activities for the 2022-2023 Academic Year.

Click here to visit our Job Listings Forum. Make sure you subscribe to this forum, and check back often for job listings!

Click here for a poster that you can download to advertise the EcoLeaders and EcoCareers programs to your students - with a handy QR code!
Click here for a one page summary of the EcoLeaders and EcoCareers programs to share with colleagues, administration, and students.
Click here for a handy, downloadable postcard for distribution to students electronically or printed along with packets distributed to freshmen or for general availability.

Click here for a variety of Topical Lesson Plans for K-12 educators.
Check out the Years of Living Dangerously for a wealth of climate crisis resources for K-12 and higher education classrooms.
Click here for a variety of Campus Ecology resources for higher education institutions, such as case studies, guide books, toolkits and more.
View the archive of webinars from our Greenforce Initiative, which supports community colleges in preparing students for the green economy.


EcoCareers Sponsors

NWF's EcoLeaders Program is offering a new sponsorship opportunity, EcoCareers Campus Sponsors, to advance the next generation of conservation leaders!

EcoCareers Campus Sponsors receive FREE admission to the conference for the entire student body, as well as faculty and staff. In addition to this incredible cost savings, Campus Sponsors receive FREE access to the EcoLeaders Career Planning Tool for students and faculty, and discounts for all students who apply for the project-based NWF EcoLeaders Campus or Community Certification. This is a great opportunity for colleges and universities interested in advancing career and leadership development for their students.