Taking Class Outside & Bringing Nature In: Professional Development Training

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Community & Environmental Education, Education & Awareness
Project Goal Summary
To inform formal K-12 educators of the benefits to using the outdoors as a classroom, as well as ways that they can bring nature back inside. I plan to provide professional development training for teachers, which I intend to secure grant funding for, as well as getting approval for the training to award teacher-attendees with Maryland State Professional Development credits. 

Topics will include the physical and mental health benefits associated with being outdoors, easy lessons teachers can use outdoors, and classroom adaptations that can bring nature inside even during the coldest months of the year.
Project Location
Mount Savage, MD 21545
United States
Project Goals and News
Many classroom teachers focus on teaching to the standards and the tests. This does not allow much free time for students and ensures they remain cooped up in a classroom. This project sets out to give educators the tools they need to successfully implement outdoor class days, outdoor lesson adaptations, and even bring nature into their classrooms. After the professional development, participants will be asked to complete a brief survey about the day, what they learned, things they plan to implement, etc. Prior to the end of the school year, I will send a follow up email to participants asking them to complete another brief survey to reveal how and if they have implemented what they learned during the professional development. 
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Project Feedback

Thanks so much for sharing your great project, Lacey! I look forward to following along on the progress. 
  • Posted Tue 05 Dec 2023 02:56 PM CST

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