Michigan Wild Cat Conservation Group

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Education & Awareness, Habitat & Wildlife
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The Michigan Wild Cat Conservation Group aims to protect bobcats, Canada lynx, and pumas in the Great Lakes region. Through community outreach, education, and legislative pressure MWCCG hopes to protect these animals and their natural habitats.
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United States
Project Goals and News
Did you know that there are Canada lynx, bobcats, and pumas (puma concolor, also known as cougars or mountain lions) in Michigan? Unfortunately, many people do not know that these incredible animals call Michigan their home. The state of MI Department of Natural Resources does not track their populations and rarely confirms a sighting. Most people don't know that these cats live in MI because the state doesn't provide numbers or public education. Our goal is to spread awareness about wild cats in MI as they are crucial to our ecosystems. For example, deer hunting season is huge in MI because there are too many deer. Instead of slaughtering these animals, a more environmentally considerate would be to protect wild cat habitat and naturally keep the deer populations in check. MWCCG is a community open to all. There are many ways to get involved in the effort. Please note that we are not funded and don't collect donations at this time, though we can point you to groups who can.
Michigan Wild Cat Conservation Group Website
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