Green Space in a Concrete Jungle

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Buildings, Climate Adaptation, Habitat & Wildlife
Project Goal Summary
The goal is to identify and collectively fund opportunities to restore green space in the industrial neighborhood of Scott's Addition in Richmond, Virginia. Historically, the area was once full of warehouses and factories, most of which have been converted to trendy lofts and apartments. It is evident that a lack of green space contributes to a lack of air quality, along with diminishing wildlife habitats and a massive increase of heat during the warmer months. Whether locals would like to safely walk their dogs or just stop to enjoy the scenery, there is little opportunity to do so in Scott's Addition because of the abysmal amount of green space.
Project Location
Scott's Addition
Richmond, VA 23230
United States
Project Goals and News
This project is designed to address the lack of green space in Scott's Addition. There are no trees, no parks, and no shade. I propose to impact the challenge by working with the Greater Scott's Addition Neighborhood Association to inspire the collection of funds and work with those living in the neighborhood to identify and construct areas that may host green spaces. We will measure the progress and success of this endeavor through real evidence - the construction of parks, like pocket parks, the planting of trees, and the aerial view progressing from beige and gray to green and brown. b4c6b3d5041a3608ce3442ae96ac2b59-huge-ca
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Project Feedback

This sounds like a great effort! I look forward to following along and learning about your progress. I encourage you to review the habitat and pollinator resources as well as the project planning resources throughout the site. Keep up the great work!
  • Posted Thu 13 Oct 2022 07:18 PM CDT

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