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Habitat & Wildlife
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The goal of this project is to connect public and private lands to create a safe space for animals such as bison and elk to move naturally. The intention is to contact lands that connect to each other and move fences to keep animals within the area but allow them to move through large plots of land. This requires a lot of compromising and convincing.

The included documents and website are examples of projects I would like to emulate.
Project Location
United States
Project Goals and News
Migrating animals run into many manmade obstacles while travelling such as roads and fences. The intention is to remove as many of these obstacles as possible or create ways to get around them that work for land owners and animals.
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elk, bison, pronghorn, wildlife, migration, corridor, road, fence
File #1
Reintroducing bison to Glacier NPReintroducing bison to Glacier NP95 KB
File #2
bison status survey 2010 by IUCNbison status survey 2010 by IUCN3731 KB
File #3
wyoming wildlife corridor planwyoming wildlife corridor plan15 KB
File #4
WY elk mapWY elk maproads and elk distribution in Wyoming759 KB
File #5
Bison range mapBison range mapcurrent and historical bison ranges728 KB

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