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I have always wanted to be involved in conservation and improving the environment but for the longest time I wasn't quite sure how I, as an individual, could really make a difference. However, over the past few years, courses in school, work with nonprofits, and especially education programs at NWF, have shown me that there are so many ways one person can make an important impact.

As Covid-19 is still prevalent and impacting communities, I created a project that can be completed socially distanced from others and by oneself (but it can also be done on larger scales within a community with the right resources and precautions). I am looking to create a pollinator-friendly garden, including local pollinator-friendly plants and pollinator housing for my project. Pollinators' are a crucial part of not only agriculture production but also plant life overall and without the pollination process, most plants would be unable to reproduce. As such my project aims to provide more resources to pollinators to help their survival; these resources include food, shelter, and water. 


Project Goals and News
My project is designed to address the rising number of threats facing pollinators, with one of the largest being loss of habitat. Therefore the creation of a pollinator-friendly garden will serve as a refuge for local pollinators, aiding in their survival. 

I intend to clear a section of my yard and plant a number of native flowering plants (I have a selection made by a local environmental group specifically for pollinators) in addition to a clean and safe water source for the pollinators. I also want to build some solitary bee housing and other insect housing that pollinators can use as shelter.

This project is being completed individually by me, from my own funding but I plan to detail it and share it on social media so others can replicate it if they want. 
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This sounds like an amazing effort, Hannah! Thanks so much for sharing and I look forward to following along on your progress. Keep up the great work and please let us know how we can support you.
  • Posted Mon 27 Jun 2022 03:07 PM CDT

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