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The National Wildlife Federation allows me several ways to participate in wildlife conservation at my own home. Through my research I became interested in your certification process for Certified Wildlife Habitat, Butterfly Heroes, Million Pollinator Garden Challenge, and more. 

While getting involved with your local community is a great first step in the conservation process, Covid-19 has created some barriers but through NWF programs I am able to participate in making a difference in a safe but effective way. I have always had flower gardens and this year I plan to have a vegetable garden as well. The thought of certifying my gardens and contributing to the various wildlife populations makes me extremely excited and motivated!  

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La Crosse, WI
United States
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Some of the challenges in many communities is wildlife conservation along with a decrease in our natural pollinators. I propose to create a more sustaining and welcoming environment for natural wildlife like birds, keystone creatures, insects, pollinators (such as bees and butterflies) and so much more at my own home through NWF Habitat certification process along with earning their badges as well. 
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