Raptors in Rappahannock

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Climate Adaptation, Education & Awareness, Habitat & Wildlife, Outdoor Education & Leadership
Project Goal Summary
The goal of this project is to monitor barn owls and American kestrels in Rappahannock county to determine population changes, breeding success, and suitable habitat. Monitoring will be done with the use of nest boxes that have been placed on both public and private property. Nest box checks, handling, and banding will be done with a licensed professional.
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United States
Project Goals and News
This project will address how grassland raptor populations are changing in response to climate change and land use change. By partnering with biologists who have been conducting long-term bird monitoring in this area, we may be able to determine why some years are more successful for breeding and what challenges these species face. This project is being completed on a volunteer bases with a master bander, an ecologist, landowners, and several volunteers. We often discuss this project with private landowners when we inquire about putting nest boxes on their property or when we visit for monitoring. 
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birds, owls, barn owl, american kestrel, community engagement, climate change

Project Feedback

Fantastic and important work. Thank you.
  • Posted Fri 05 Feb 2021 03:58 AM CST
Hi! This project is very cool! I would love to tag along one of these days if possible. I'm in DC and work with educational, rehab, and falconry raptors.. Either way, looking forward to seeing updates!!
  • Posted Thu 02 Apr 2020 02:57 PM CDT

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