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Consumption and Waste
Project Goal Summary
The film screening of the Story of Plastic was hosted virtually towards the end of the Campus Race to Zero Waste competition which our school was participating in. The goal of the film screening was to educate the students, staff, faculty and community about the problems we face with actually recycling plastic. We also wanted to motivate people in their recycling efforts for other materials for the remainder of the competition and to motivate them to take additional action(s) to reduce their plastic consumption.
Project Location
New Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology
801 Leroy Place
Socorro, NM 87801
United States
Project Goals and News
The life of the project "Story of Plastic"

1) January 2 2021: Talk to the Director of Recycling about the idea of a film screening in associated with the Campus Race to Zero Waste competition and see what resources were available (e.g. funding).

2) January 20 - February 2 2021: Contact the film company, Outcast Films, to host a screening and figure out what the options and costs were. Filled out the online form and waited for an email from the company. The company's contact gave us the recommended package to purchase and who at campus I should contact (library) to ask about purchasing the license.

3) February 2 2021: Contact the NMT Library with the request to acquire the film and license. NMT Library worked with the Chair of the Civil and Environmental Engineering department to provide the funds for the purchase. An agreement was made and the acquisition was completed. Now the film is available for future use from the library by any NMT community member.

We started advertising the film immediately. We added an announcement to our weekly Campus Race to Zero Waste weekly email updates to our community and told them more information would be coming with the date and time.

4) February 20-26, 2021: Work with campus IT to decide how to do the virtual screening. Decided on using ZOOM and the film would be hosted on the library servers and we just needed to have the link to play the film from our own computer.

5) Beginning of March 2021: Schedule a showing. Mostly involved picking the best date based of the campus calendar and making sure we were not scheduling the film screening at the same time as too many other events. We also needed the time to work with everyone's schedule who would be directly involved with the film screening.

6) March 3-23, 2021: Advertise the event! Every media type we could: paper flyers, campus tv ad, campus events emails, campus calendar, weekly Campus Race to Zero Waste progress emails, word of mouth, etc.

7) March 23, 2021: Show the film! We had a little presentation at the beginning to introduce ourselves, talk about recycling at NMT and the CR2ZW competition and how that was going and some other related events and to let everyone know there would be time following the film for a comments and Q&A 

We asked people for feedback during the comment period at the end of the film and some people submitted comments via email later. We received a lot of positive comments suggesting more screenings. One of the environmental engineer professors planned to show the film regularly as part of his class.
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Film-Promo-Flyer Film-Promo-Flyer Flyer to advertise the film screening1911 KB
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Screening PresentationScreening PresentationInformation presented to the audience right before the virtual screening434 KB

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