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Community and Environmental Justice, Consumption and Waste, Education and Awareness
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CANDIDATE seeks to find & highlight natural areas which have suffered from abuse (waste, contamination, pollution) & PROMOTE them as "Candidates" for attention & care.  The candidate's CAMPAIGN  which is a photo documentary project (photos, written essay & poetry) will also have an advocacy component.  The campaign positions the identified project with the community in which it's found to drive SUPPORT for it as a candidate for Superfund support (brownfield), or other funding and community support to:  a) address & lead its clean-up, b) restore it to its natural or nature-built beauty, and c) educate the community to the rewards & benefits of protecting natural spaces with a focus on biodiversity: ecosystems comprised of all elements - plants to animals, including...humans.
Project Location
Gulf Coast & Western States
various, TX 11111
United States
Project Goals and News
The challenge for environmental projects - even those that produce positive change - is generally, political will.  More specifically, lack thereof.  What stirs political will is strong community & community leadership advocacy.  This project seeks to bring needed attention to environmental protection and restoration, and to the issues related to political processes and agendas that overlook - or even push aside - something so critical to sustainability - human, wildlife and ecological.  CANDIDATE solicits community support AND engagement.  Local students and community leaders will be involved in its identification, project strategy creation, project development/implementation, and of course, the unveiling.  Further, the project's entire process will be documented (photo, film, written) in order that it be shared regionally and nationally - urging similar work be done around the every community!  The unveiling event will include speakers (students and scholars), as well as information related to future opportunities.

CANDIDATE highlights & leverages the intersection of art environment to communicate with, and educate a community through direct engagement, while also providing a platform for communities to take action in support of the environment.
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