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Purchasing, Consumption and Waste, Education and Awareness
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I have been working with members of the Student Sustainability Union to put on an event that sheds a light on the harms of fast fashion. We are starting Earth Month of with a screening of the film True Cost, following the screening we would like to have a panel and hear from an economist, we are trying to get someone from Patagonia, someone from a resale shop and someone in waste management. During the screening event we are going to start collecting gently used clothing for the swap which will be at the end of the month. We will be collecting gently used clothing all month long. Our big goal is to make the event zero waste, any clothes that no one takes home will be donated to the schools professional clothing closet, then morning star mission will take any clothing that they want, finally we will take the remainder of the items to a textile recycler. We are trying to get a company to sponsor the event and provide reusable bags. I am trying to get students and faculty to rethink their choices and rethink how their choices impact someone else across the world. The support of fast fashion is also in support of inequality and environmental damage. To ask an American to rethink their consumption is a difficult task, but it is something that is necessary in order to change our current path. Another goal I have is to make sure the event runs smoothly, and that I have a good amount of support from students and faculty.
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1215 Houbolt rd
Joliet, IL 60431
United States
Project Goals and News
So far we are coming up with great ideas, and we have locations and time set. However we are struggling with finding people to panel, and other clubs that would like to help us. We have the logistics organized as well as what we are going to do with the unwanted clothing after the event
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Project Feedback

Me and another ecoleader have been working on this project, so it has been a collaboration but we were hoping that it can be used for both of our certifications
  • Posted Thu 28 Feb 2019 03:26 PM CST

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