Hannah Debelius, Sustainability Manager, American University

Any way that you can quantify your contribution, efforts, or leadership is a real asset when you're applying for jobs. It's something employers are going to respect. In the EcoLeader certification, there is a means to quantify leadership skills and actions that students have already taken.

Kathy Cacciola, Sr. Director, Environmental Sustainability, Aramark

From farm worker to food service manager, each person plays a key role in supporting a sustainable future. Hands-on experience cultivated through the NWF EcoLeaders Program is a great way of building knowledge and finding the right opportunity for you.

Amirah Odeh, EcoLeader, University of Puerto Rico Rio Piedras

Being part of NWF EcoLeaders allowed me to explore many opportunities that I wouldn't have found about otherwise. The network also gave me the chance to connect with other people, share stories and be inspired by many wonderful projects that I saw online.


Tom Wojciechowski, Educator, University of Wisconsin-Extension Ashland County Office

An EcoLeader certification would be a great add-on. In recent workforce development studies, the biggest thing that seems to be lacking is soft skills - how to work with a group of people, how to lead a team, how to communicate. Employers are saying they are finding those skills lacking.

Jim French, Sustainability Integration Specialist, United States Postal Service

If a person had an EcoLeader certification, it would be a boost. We need people who have some basic technical background in environmental protection, but more importantly we need people who know how to lead cross-functional teams to identify a common direction.

Pamela Millan, EcoLeader, St. Edward's University

The NWF EcoLeaders community is a great place to connect with other people. It is also a great place to share your ideas, and get inspiration for projects that you want to bring to your community.