Celebrate Endangered Species Day and protect wildlife on your campus and in your community. 

Endangered Species Day is May 19, 2017.

But you don't have to wait! You can celebrate Endangered Species Day in April for Earth Day, or as an end of the school event or post-exam activity on May 19. Endangered Species Day is a time to recognize the endangered (or threatened and vulnerable) species on your campus, in your community and across the U.S. and take action to protect their habitat.


Is your college or university mascot threatened or endangered?

Is your campus home to any threatened or endangered wildlife?

Protect and restore campus green space to provide home

Take Action for Endangered Species Day

  • Plant a milkweed garden to expand Monarch butterfly habitat on campus and earn a NWF Pollinator Badge
  • Provide safe crossings for wildlife on your community and earn the NWF Wildlife Crossing Badge
  • Work with Facilities to develop a plan to integrate more native species into campus landscapes
  • Host a clean-up of a campus natural area
  • Launch an awareness campaign of a campus or local endangered species
  • Organize a tree planting and invite students, faculty and staff to participate
  • Invite a local biologist to speak about endangered and threatened species in your community

Use the EcoLeader project platform to design and implement your Endangered Species Day projects.
You can also earn EcoLeader Campus Certification for your actions. 

Butterfly Heroes

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