EcoLeader Recognition

Becoming a Recognized EcoLeader

If you would like to be recognized as an EcoLeader by National Wildlife Federation, please answer and submit the form. Our NWF Campus Ecology team will be notified once you have filled out the form, and they will evaluate your profile to see whether you are eligible to be recognized.


Resume Builder

Demonstrate to others (think prospective employers) your leadership and project management skills and abilities.

Benefits from NWF & Partners

Preferential consideration for Fellowships and other benefits offered by NWF and our partners.

Exclusive Opportunities

Receive exclusive opportunities such as career and leadership webinars

How it Works:

  • Earning EcoLeader recognition involves earning 25 points (5 required and 20 elective) that reflect the leadership skills that were demonstrated during the course of your campus or community sustainability project or campaign. All projects much be hosted in the EcoLeader community to be eligible for certification. 
  • The point system is flexible, broken down into core and elective requirements to reach a total of 25 points
  • There are 4 elective leadership categories with many sub-categories to choose your points from.
  • Each leadership skill option is worth 1 point
  • You’ll need to identify an endorser, this can be a professor, staff member, or mentor who has helped guide and support you throughout the course of your project or campaign.
  • Once you have reached 25 points and submitted your form, the NWF Campus Ecology team will be notified and will confirm your application!