Baker's Coffee Co-Op

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Purchasing, Community & Environmental Justice, Food
Project Goal Summary
The goal is to establish a purchasing coop through Equal Exchange.

Project Location
South Shore
Halifax, MA 02338
United States
Project Goals and News
The challenge is that the majority of the food that is consumed in the US is generated by a small number of large corporations.  This project will give participants the opportunity to purchase Fair Trade certified products, like coffee and tea from a small, local, employee owned company.  Besides the benefit of supporting a local business, this project will have a social factor.  There will be time to chat and build relationships around the pickups.  Perhaps fellow participants will coordinate grabbing an order for a neighbor.  This has the potential to build greater community than a trip to the grocery store.

I will start small, with a few classmates from my Permaculture Design Certificate course.

I will create a Google Sheet with tabs for instructions, orders and other information.

Participants will enter the items they want to order on the spreadsheet and I will place the order on a predetermined date.  First order is scheduled to be placed on 08/25/2023.

Once the we are comfortable with the process, more participants can be invited.  

As of 08/25/2024 the instruction tab looks like this:
Enter your information on the Contact List tab, if you have not already
Go to
Decide what you would like to purchase - don't add anything to your cart
Fill in the info on the current order tab - ex: "26AUG2023 Order"
Blue shaded column is a formula, don't enter anything in that column
Send your payment to David via Venmo - @davbak1 or drop cash off before the upcoming order date
Use the friend mode for Venmo, not the Goods or Service setting.
David will place the order on the order date
Products will ship to 11 Pheasant Hill Rd in Halifax
David will let you know when shipment has arrived
Let David know when you want to pick up your order
Pick up your order at 11 Pheasant Hill Rd in Halifax
Other Notes:
This is a work in progress - things may get tweaked as we go along
We don't have a set scheduled for orders - right now it is basically when the Baker's are almost out of coffee
You are welcome to split cases with others
If David notices potential for splitting cases he will let you know.
Free shipping starts at $135 - David will order more if needed
Add to the Other Alternative Sources tab if you know of any good places that we might have access to.

Participants will put the following info on the contact list tab:
Name Street Town Phone

An example of what the Order tab looks like:
Name Product Quantity Unit of Measure Grind Price Total
David Baker Organic Breakfast Blend Coffee, 5lb Whole Bean 1 2 Pack Whole Bean $101.00 $101.00
Ted Lasso Organic French Roast 1 2 pack Whole bean $101.00 $101.00
Walter White Organic Breakfast Blend Coffee, 5lb Whole Bean 1 Bag Whole Bean $58.00 $58.00
Bonnie McMurray Organic Irish Breakfast Tea 1 6 pack   $21.60 $21.60
Nathaniel Rateliff Organic Breakfast Blend Coffee, 5lb Whole Bean 1 1 bag Whole Bean $58.00 $58.00

Check out the file below to see what we have on the Other Alternate Sources tab.  (ran out of room here)
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File #2
Bakers Coffee Co-OpBakers Coffee Co-OpThis is an Excel version of the Google Sheet that is actually being used for the project. Since the Google Sheet contains some personal info, it is only shared with the co-op participants.409 KB

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