Gardening Based Learning in an Outdoor ESL Classroom Guide

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Phase 1: PLAN

Planning is about strategy and making choices. Tell us about the choices you made for your project. Note: it is not the expectation that you would check every box in this area. Please check only those that apply.
1. Where is your project's biggest impact?
Community, State
2. What were the goals for your project?
To create a guide for state international and community centers that offer ESL classes
3. What strategy did you use?
Education, Operations, Research

Phase II: DO

1. Did you accomplish the goals you set for this project? Please explain.
Yes, I was able to write the guide and provide it to centers to be implemented into the current teaching methods.
2. Choose your impact measurement from the drop down menu and provide details in the box provided (such as specific numbers or results).
Guide written and completed.
3. When did you begin and complete your project?
Began in march 2017, completed in November 2017.
4. What was challenging about your project and how did you respond?
What was most challenging is understanding all aspects of the project and including all possible students/subjects that it would need to include and embody.
5. Which groups were involved in this project? Students, faculty, staff or community groups?
Student, centered around assisting community groups.
6. Was your project funded? If so, how?
Project being acted out was funded by state grants, and from student group donations and fundraising.
6. How did you communicate about this project and educate the broader campus and/or community?
By distributing the guide to students whom desire to act out the project, and by submitting it in online platforms.


Part of being an EcoLeader is learning how to design, implement and evaluate projects. Use this space to tell us how you evaluated your project and what your plans are moving forward.
1. How have you evaluated your project?
Group reflection, Individual reflection
2. What did you do after your reviewed your project?


1. What was the biggest or best thing you learned from your project?
The largest learning experience was understanding that the largest part of a project of this type is background research and understanding of all aspects of the project.
2. What advice would you give to others working on a similar project?
Advise I would give is to review similar projects, but keep in mind if you find the exact project you are working on to look into working with the owner of that project to avoid putting energy forth into reinventing the wheel rather than advancing topics further.
3. Based on your response above, what are your future plans for this project? And are there resources (people, financial, etc.) available to sustain it?
Yes, once given the guide my part in the project concludes and the center is given the charge of maintaining the project.

Project Feedback

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