On U.S. highways, a vehicle hits an animal at least every 26 seconds. Road mortality is a serious threat to 21 federally listed endangered and threatened species.

Animals like the moose, lynx, black bear and large cats need large areas of land to roam--for sufficient food, safe cover and to mate. But the wild places animals rely on are being fragmented by roads, man-made structures and other threats. As a result, thousands of animals have died trying to reach food, water, shelter and breeding sites.

National Wildlife Federation is working to provide pathways that wildlife can use to cross vast expanses of key habitat through efforts like #SaveLACougars and you can help by taking steps to earn the Wildlife Crossing EcoLeader Badge!

How It Works:

EcoLeaders earn points towards certification by taking action in the following categories which represent the NWF EcoLeader Continuous Learning and Leadership Model:

Learn: Learn about the campaign and why it’s important to get involved
Do: Choose an action(s) you’d like to take from a list generated by the NWF campaign staff leads
Communicate: Choose a method to communicate about the campaign and the action you are taking
Sustain: Choose an action to take that will help to sustain your effort on this campaign

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