NWF’s Eco-Schools USA program is a nationwide program that engages Pre K – 12 school students, faculty, administrators and community volunteers in a comprehensive, environment-based program to improve student environmental literacy and skills. The schools themselves become greener and cleaner and students learn more science and technology. The Eco-Schools USA program now serves 5,000 U.S. schools, 2.7 million students, over 130,000 educators, and is growing.

Through school-based action teams of students, administrators, educators, and community volunteers, Eco-Schools USA focuses on greening existing buildings, school grounds, curricula, and the student experience. As of early 2016, virtually every major urban area in the U.S. has active Eco-Schools.

We invite you to learn more about Eco-Schools USA, how you can get involved and support the program and ultimately earn the Eco-Schools Badge for your leadership!

How It Works:

EcoLeaders earn points towards certification by taking action in the following categories which represent the NWF EcoLeader Continuous Learning and Leadership Model:

Learn: Learn about the campaign and why it’s important to get involved
Do: Choose an action(s) you’d like to take from a list generated by the NWF campaign staff leads
Communicate: Choose a method to communicate about the campaign and the action you are taking
Sustain: Choose an action to take that will help to sustain your effort on this campaign

Earn the badge