National Wildlife Federation is the managing partner for the Campus Race to Zero Waste (CR2ZW), formerly called RecycleMania. The CR2ZW is a college and university competition to promote waste reduction and recycling activities on college campuses and in their nearby communities.

The National Wildlife Federation sees getting a handle on trash and related pollution as critical to ensure a healthy future for humans and wildlife. Each year, copious amounts of plastics and other recyclable materials end up in the natural environment – our rivers, lakes, and oceans.  In the United States, we throw away 35 billion plastic water bottles every year. Much of this plastic ultimately ends up in the ocean, taking the lives of tens of thousands of marine animals, millions of seabirds and countless numbers of fish and other creatures every year. By recycling and responsibly disposing of waste we can better protect our wildlife, so iconic species like sea turtles and whales remain healthy for generations to come.

We invite you to learn more about the Campus Race to Zero Waste, how you and your school can get involved in the competition and be part of the solution to waste reduction and ultimately earn the EcoLeaders CR2ZW Badge for your leadership!

How It Works:

EcoLeaders earn points towards certification by taking action in the following categories which represent the NWF EcoLeader Continuous Learning and Leadership Model:

Learn: Learn about Campus Race to Zero Waste and why it’s important to get involved
Do: Choose an action(s) you’d like to take from a list generated by CR2ZW leaders
Communicate: Choose a method to communicate about the campaign and the action you are taking
Sustain: Choose an action to take that will help to sustain your effort on this campaign
Earn the badge