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Hala Elbarmil  Fairfax County Public Schools

Hala graduated from George Mason University (GMU) and has earned both NWF EcoLeaders and Project Certification in May 2015. As a student at GMU, Hala helped to organize community bike events on campus to educate people about biking and encourage a culture of bicycle transportation at GMU. Hala formerly worked at Clean Fairfax as a Communication Coordinator where she organized the county’s official Earth Day event, for 5,000+ attendees. Hala also recently served as an NWF EcoLeader Recruitment Ambassador. Currently, Hala is a Substitute Teacher at Fairfax County Public Schools. As a Substitute Teacher, Hala restarted a greenhouse program at Pulley Career Center and a courtyard program at Poe Middle School, incorporated hands-on training and Permaculture teachings into the curriculum. Additionally she is also the Program Assistant at the Fairfax County Farmers Markets. 
Appalachian State University

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