Featured EcoLeader

Amira Odeh
University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus
This week’s Featured EcoLeader is Amira Odeh, a student at the University of Puerto Rico. Amira is the president of the Eco-Environmental Society at the University of Puerto Rico through which she is working on a campaign, "No Mas Botellas" (No More Bottles) to ban water bottles from her campus. No more bottles started as a student research project around the environmental problems caused by bottled water and the knowledge of these by the student community. Receiving such impactful results from the research and seeing the waste problems these bottles caused at the university, Amira created the No More Bottles campaign.  Since its creation in 2010, the campaign has expanded environmental educational efforts across campus and to other institutions in Puerto Rico. This project has also resulted in the installation of new drinking fountains for the campus, the sale of reusable bottles at the university, the development of leadership events and the creation of a developing proposal to take the finals steps that will significantly reduce the sale of bottled water at the UPR Rio Piedras. Congrats Amira, keep up the great work!



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