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Maine Partnership for Environmental Stewardship (MPES) is a new program in Maine, initiated by the partnership of AmeriCorps and Maine Campus Compact (MCC). The program consists of 38 AmeriCorps members serving at 6 different higher education host sites across the state of Maine. Unity College partnered with MCC to be the host site for the MPES-Unity team.

Our mission is to strengthen campus and community partnerships for improving home and institutional energy efficiency. This in return will help us become successful in achieving our overarching goal of implementing behavioral and technical change that increases energy efficiency and cost saving for low-income homes and communities, 
by providing energy efficiency education and light weatherization services.

During September 2017- August 2018 the MPES-Unity team is;
•        Hosting 2 Campus & Community Energy Education Events 
•        Hosting 2 Window Insert Community Builds
•        Hosting 1 Campus/Community Green Jobs Fairs  
•        Conducting 22 Green Certification Audits within the community and 40 on campus
•        Leveraging dozens of volunteers to support these community energy efficiency initiatives 
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Unity, ME 04988
United States
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File #1
Window Insert Build Event Window Insert Build Event High school Student Volunteers681 KB
File #2
Window Insert Build Event Window Insert Build Event College student/MPES member working with high school volunteer678 KB
File #3
How to Assemble a Window Insert FrameHow to Assemble a Window Insert Frame37247 KB
File #4
Campus Green Certification Audit FlyerCampus Green Certification Audit FlyerThis audit helped raised awareness of how environmentally friendly student's lifestyle choices are. Upon completion, students received a prize and badge stating which rank they achieved (Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Green)444 KB
File #5
Community Green Certificate Audit FlyerCommunity Green Certificate Audit FlyerThis flyer highlights the free products community members can receive by participating in our audit, which also entails a checklist similar to that of the campus one as well as an in home visual assessment and connection to local home services and programs206 KB
File #6
Weatherizing Unity FlyerWeatherizing Unity FlyerThis was our first Community Energy Efficiency Education Event, which was tailored to connect the community with local home weatherization and repair organizations and programs.172 KB
File #7
Trivia Night FlyerTrivia Night FlyerThis is one of our Campus Energy Efficiency Education Event, which is tailored to challenge college students on their energy efficiency knowledge.95 KB

Project Feedback

Thanks so much for sharing your project. This sounds like a really amazing coalition and I look forward to hearing updates on the progress, please keep us in the loop and let the community know if you need support!
  • Posted Fri 23 Feb 2018 08:53 AM CST
Thank you Courtney!
  • Posted Fri 23 Feb 2018 01:17 PM CST

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