Gardening Based Learning in an Outdoor ESL Classroom Guide

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The main goal in this project is to create a comprehensive guide to enable instruction for centers whom wish to host their own ESL outdoor classroom centered around research on GBL, experimental education, environmental education, and experience volunteering at an international center implementing an example of such classroom. 

The purpose of this writing is to direct and provide organizational efforts to all aspects of creating the Greenhouse Project. In contents, this manual shall contain an outline of the idea project model followed by variations, the surrounding research, and the guides to enable the project model to be constructed and carried out efficiently. In goal, after reading this manual the reader should feel comfortable in constructing the project from a holistic perspective. Thus, able to assign the appropriate leadership to carry out the missions of the project in success.
The guide was written with the idea in mind to embody many audiences. The guide enables administrators or directors the information needed to see how they could use an outdoor classroom to enhance their current learning experience. In addition, it is made to act as a guide to those whom have started small gardening projects and are seeking guidance in new ideas for project management. Written in mind with both those with little gardening experience, or those with a large breath or agricultural knowledge. 

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