February 2021 Green Jobs Newsletter


Welcome to the February edition of the Green Jobs Network newsletter. This issue contains more than 150 opportunities that focus on the environment or other areas of social impact. If you apply for one of these opportunities please indicate that you learned about it from Green Jobs Network.

As a reminder, the fastest way to be alerted of new jobs is via twitter.com/greenjobs. If your organization is hiring you can post your job on the Green Jobs Network job board and it will be included in the next jobs newsletter. As always, if you have any feedback or suggestions you can contact me at leonard@greenjobs.net.

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1. Texas weather/power emergency: If you are in need of assistance (such as access to a warming center) or would like to help, this page aggregates some of the many resources lists that have been compiled.

2. Events (all online)

3. News

4. New Books

5. Fellowship Spotlight

6. Job Listings

The listings are organized as follows:

  • Internships and Fellowships
  • Jobs that have a flexible/remote location or are available in multiple cities
  • Jobs listed by U.S. state (in alphabetical order by state)
  • International jobs

A.) Internships & Fellowships

Note: The locations for these are flexible/remote, unless otherwise noted.

B.) JOBS - Remote or Multiple Locations

Location Flexible

Location Flexible - East Coast Hours

Location Flexible - California

New York or California

Charlottesville, VA; Atlanta, GA; or Nashville, TN

Washington, DC or SF Bay Area

Boulder / Denver / Salt Lake City / Phoenix / Santa Fe / Carson City

Interior Western US or Washington DC

Atlanta, GA; Herndon, VA; Chicago, IL

Seattle, WA; Los Angeles, CA; Denver, CO; or Chicago, IL

Washington, DC; Yonkers, NY, or San Francisco, CA


New York City or London

C.) JOBS - U.S., by state

Alaska - Anchorage

Arizona - Tempe

California - SF Bay Area or Modesto

California - SF Bay Area / Sacramento

California - Southern California

Colorado - Boulder / Denver

Connecticut - Hartford

DC Metro Area

Georgia - Atlanta Metro Area

Georgia - Lumpkin

Iowa - Multiple Locations

Illinois - Chicago Metro Area

Louisiana - Location Flexible

Louisiana - New Orleans

Maine - Location Flexible

Maine - Augusta

Maine - Portland

Maryland - Baltimore

Massachusetts - Boston Metro Area

Michigan - Ann Arbor

Michigan - Detroit Metro Area

Minnesota - Minneapolis / St. Paul

New York - NYC Metro Area

Oregon - Eugene

Oregon - Portland

Pennsylvania - Philadelphia

Pennsylvania - Selinsgrove

South Carolina - Location Flexible

Texas - Austin Metro Area

Texas - Dallas Metro Area

Texas - Houston Metro Area

Texas - San Antonio Metro Area

Washington - Seattle - Tacoma Metro Area

D.) JOBS - International

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