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In order to effectively participate in a program it is important to have a solid understanding of it. Take the time to read the resource(s) of your choosing provided in the resource bank on the right to learn more about Eco-Schools USA and determine the best way for you to get involved in the work.
Applicant's First & Last Name
Michael Calhoun
Check the box once completed
I learned about Eco-Schools USA
Which resource(s) did you choose to access?
Eco-Schools social media accounts
Do -
Now that you’ve become more knowledgeable about Eco-Schools USA, choose an action that you can take to work with Eco-Schools in your community! Be sure to be realistic in the level of impact that you’re able to take at this point and think through the resources you will need to help you accomplish your goals.
Which action(s) did you take to participate in Eco-Schools?
Contacted the Peer Assistance and Leadership (PALs) sponsor at one of the local high schools and determined ways to integrate an environmental initiative as a way to nurture and build capacities to help them achieve school and social successes.
Communicate -
Remember the phrase, "If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? – share your story! Let others know about the important action that you’ve taken to support Eco-Schools USA. Your actions will likely inspire others to learn more and get involved themselves.
Which method(s) did you use to communicate about the Eco-Schools and the action(s) you took?
Spoke at a PTA meeting, school board meeting and/or faculty meeting, sharing your project and its impacts on the school community
If you selected Other, please describe the method you took.
I have talked with the superintendent of Vernonia k-12 school as well as school board. With covid restriction we are waiting for opening.
Sustain -
So by now you’ve taken the time to learn about the issue, determined what action you could take to help make an impact, and communicated to others. Now it’s time to reflect on the lessons you learned through this experience and figure out what you can to do help sustain your efforts beyond your initial action.
Which action(s) did you to take to help sustain your efforts on this campaign?
Created a relationship with your local Eco-School so you and/or others at your school or in your community can continue to engage and support Eco-Schools activities
If you selected Other, please describe the action you took.
Vernonia was the first K-12 LEED Platinum building in the country. I am hoping this Eco School certificate when voted on by will that effort

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