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As the Campus Sustainabiliity Intern at the Insititute of Sustainability, Energy and Environment, I took up the project of creating a council of student group representatives of sustainability orientated student groups (or Registered Student Organizations). The council serves an opportunity for student group leaders to meet regularly with the Associate Director of Campus Sustainabilitity to discuss campus sustainability issues on a regular basis (monthly meetings). It gives them a chance to meet other student group leaders and learn from each other's best practices and collabrate on future events. Every meeting includes a presentation from 2-3 student groups about what they do followed by a discuss about campus sustainability issues. These council meetings also serve as a formal voice of the student body to raise concerns about the various campus sustainability issues such as bike paths, coal divestment etc.ξCurrently we have 20 organizations that have a seat on the council and they vary from groups that attract various students e.g. Engineers Without Borders, Students for Environmental Concerns, Alpha Phi Omega to groups that focus to highly specific aspects of sustainability such as USGBC Students, Illini Algae Club and Solar Decahtlon.ξ

I highly recemmend forming such a council at all your schools because it brings students together for a good cause. Contact me for more details.ξ
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University of Illinois
105 Main Street
Durham, NH 3824
United States

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