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The Project Grow Community Garden is a learning landscape in which to grow knowledge, cultivate community, and nourish our connection to nature. The garden is for everyone and we always will appreciate any help to flex your green thumb in the Project Grow community garden. No gardening experience is necessary for any volunteers, just desire to get your hands in the soil and learn.  Dedicated volunteers can adopt a garden plot for themselves or their organization in the Project Grow Garden. We will provide the seeds, tools, and all guidance needed. In turn, they only need to provide the creativity, sense of gardening adventure, and careful tending of their plot. 

The main goals of this project is to provide experimental environmental education for students to be able to advance their skillset at any level. We provide a space for inexperienced gardeners to learn to grow and produce their own food source, and a space for those at higher experience levels to have a means to create sustainable infrastructure such as hugelkultur raised garden beds, handicapped accessible planters, or infrastructure built of materials such as repurposed palates or other materials. Overall, our aim is to provide a living landscape and host area for those who are passionate about environmental issues to meet, and act upon a variety of topics. 

In example, we tend to food sucurity topics on campus. 
All produce grown by volunteers in the garden is donated to our campus food pantry dedicated to helping students in need of assistance in food security. Further, topics such as health education as we lend our space to activities such as yoga in the garden. In all, we are a space that is eager to host any student for a passion in sustainability. 


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503 Regents Ave
Bowling Green, KY 42101
United States
Project Goals and News
Project Grow involves students, faculty, and staff. While students are our volunteers and plot owners, we are managed at a core level by the staff and faculty at the campus Office of Sustainability which enables our project to be sustainable throughout the years it has existed.
 We host a variety of projects for a multitude of disciplines for class projects, clubs that utilize our space (such as hives for the Big Red Beekeepers), as well as the community as we have had our garden accessed by children aged 6-12 for environmental education. Student volunteers of all skill levels are welcome to access our garden to learn gardening knowledge, or to create their own projects such as growing Chinese vegetables for a departmental cook-off, or creating a Hugelkultur raised garden bed. 
We are funded by our host university, as well as through grants such as through the Student Government Association. 

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