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Community and Environmental Justice, Consumption and Waste
Project Goal Summary
Swap-A-Thon is an event that uses donations from our campus members that is than easily accessible to Moraine Valley Community College students, faculty, and staff so they may find treasured, thrifty, or needed items at no cost while also reducing landfill waste. Starting in the beginning of the semester we collected donations throughout the Moraine Valley Community College campus. A box was set up in the most populated areas of the buildings for donations to be placed in them. Items that were accepted for donation were things such as clothes, shoes, books, toys, household items/decor, outdoor and recreational equipment, electronics, and anything else in between. These items were collected for our suggested end day, around Earth Month. During this day, we picked as,  April 26th 2017, we organized items in our gymnasium on campus that was open to the campus community to drop off or take items for FREE. This way all items that were donated can be reused and recycled amongst the community as well as unify our college community with the swapping process of giving and receiving.
Project Location
Moraine Valley Community College
9000 W. College Pkwy
Palos Hills, IL 60465
United States
Project Goals and News
Swap-A-Thon will provide a day for students and staff to donate or receive used goods. This addresses the immense amount of trash that is overflowing our landfills. By reducing landfill waste we also provide a second life for items that still have worth and use in them. Our progress was measured through the amount of donations we received, as well as, how much was taken in the end.
Our success was mainly the amount of help we ended up acquiring which I am greatly appreciative of. With the amount of hands and voices we were able to advertise throughout campus all the way to the day of event, through this advertising we were able to be organized and successful preparation and event. Club organizations that helped were Go Green Club, Asian Diversity Club, Student Government Association, and Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society.
Our Challenges in the beginning was the amount of help we needed for this event. The Go Green Club that I am in did not have enough members to be committed in helping me so by advertising our needed assistance we collaborated thankfully with Student Government Association and Asian Diversity Club as well as Phi Theta Kappa.
We needed very little funding due to all the material we used were all from recycled materials from previous events or in the recycling bins around campus. But roughly taken everything into account, especially printing costs, would be about $150- $180. These funding were mainly provided through our awesome advisor of Go Green Club, Stephenie Presseller, and then some cost taken from our student account.
For our communication and advertising to campus life, we had informational tables throughout the popular locations of campus, flyers were posted on bulletin boards, we spoke to our classes with professor permission, and we spoke in front of clubs and organizations.
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Hi Victoria, thanks so much for sharing your project! It sounds like really great community event!
  • Posted Tue 27 Jun 2017 11:44 AM CDT

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