The Gleaning Project of South Central PA


You must complete ALL 6 core requirements and earn a minimum of 25 elective points - at least 2 points from each of the four main leadership categories (Plan, Do, Communicate, Sustain). We recognize that this list might be overwhelming, but once you start reading through, we are sure you will see that you have already been doing a lot of this work!

EcoLeader Project URL (project must be hosted in NWF EcoLeader community to be eligible for certification)
Core Requirements
1. Developed an EcoLeader profile, including my personal EcoMission., 2. Contributed to a project in one or more of the following ways: created or added to the EcoLeader project profile, project updates pages, and/or the application for certified project status. Project name and URL are listed below. (All projects must be hosted on EcoLeaders site to be eligible for certification), 3. Informed myself of leadership models and principals in one or more of the following ways: Read articles on leadership, participated in an NWF EcoLeaders webinar series, and/or participated in equivalent program offered by other organizations., 4. Encouraged the wider EcoLeaders community by contributing an idea, question, comment, article, video or photo in the community related to my or others’ projects, or to relevant leadership topics., 5. Secured one or more endorsers for my EcoLeader Recognition application who are willing to support my career and civic endeavors and to serve as references as I apply for career or continuing education opportunities.
Endorser First Name
Endorser Last Name
Endorser Title
Executive Director
Endorser Organization
South Central Community Action Programs, Inc
Endorser Email


You’ve identified what you’re passionate about and declared your EcoMission, and you’re ready to take action to bring about positive change on your campus or in your community, good for you! Now it’s time to map out a plan that will help you stay on track and be prepared to succeed. Taking the time to create a well thought-out plan will help your project run as smoothly as possible.

Identified a need and invented a project to address it., Clarified project outcomes and measures of success., Designed or tested strategies and tactics (including various technologies, vendors, or costs)., Developed short and long-term goals and specific activities to achieve them., Investigated similar projects, Coordinated a “request for proposal” (RFP) or similar process., Surveyed people to help define project vision, needs, priorities and/or strategies., Integrated the project as a committee in an existing decision-making structure on campus or in the wider community, such as the student government council, campus strategic planning process, city council ordinances, or even a national or international policy., Secured placement of the project within the campus or community strategic or master planning documents or processes.
Recruited one or more other individuals for the core project team., Recruited volunteers to help with the project (beyond the core project team)., Met with campus faculty or staff and received support for the project., Recruited representatives from one or more departments or organizations as advisors, board members, or in other leadership capacities.
Developed a budget for the project (expenses regarding materials, promotions, etc.), Raised funds for the project., Applied for a grant or scholarship for the project., Organized a fundraising campaign such as online crowd-sourcing or plant sale., Managed donations that came in for the project., Secured in-kind or monetary donations from businesses., Met with alumni or other prospective donors to discuss the project and fundraising needs.


Developed a project management plan with timeline and assigned tasks to team members. , Secured use of building space, land, goods or services., Organized materials, goods or services needed for volunteer service. , Kept a team up-to-date regularly over the course of the project., Documented and maintained a calendar for the project or managed scheduling for key meetings., Created a back-up plan in case the project faced challenges., Worked with the team to prioritize ideas for the project., Lead effective meetings with a pre-stated agenda and notes after., Developed committee chairs or other structures that distribute the workload.
Educated myself through reading, participating in a leadership or skills training and/or earning a related credential., Coordinated leadership or skills training for other students., Facilitated professional development or skills training for faculty, staff or community members., Incorporated an educational program, flyer, or video into campus orientation for new students, faculty or staff., Encouraged at least one team member to try something new.
Facilitated a situation that required conflict management skills., Offered or attended a diversity training or spoke up to encourage a diversity of views and perspectives., Helped arrange for faculty or staff release time or related incentives to allow professional development, course revisions, or other work to advance the project., Coordinated grants, fellowships or scholarships for students, faculty or staff project and professional development., Integrated questions about participation and support of the proje, Prepared a checklist of items to bring to an event.
Organized or attended a rally to support the project., Developed an advocacy campaign in support of the project (email blasts, postering, educational gatherings, etc.), Wrote a letter to or met with political representatives related to the project., Prepared an online action alert for others related to the project.
Hosted in-person gatherings in support of the project to foster relationships among project participants and other interested individuals., Attended events to meet new people who could help with the project or to build reciprocal support around similar aims or researched events for our team to attend to advance the project., Prepared promotional print or web materials., Organized a table about the project at an event., Helped organize or set up a networking event., Prepared a checklist of items to bring to an event., Lead a shopping trip to gather items for an event.
Learned a new technology to help with the project., Maintained hardware for the project., Set up or maintained technology or software such as a network, web cam or real-time monitoring of energy or water use for the project., Gathered scientific data on a regular basis for the project.


Prepared a document (e.g. press release, flyer, etc.) that explained the project vision and accomplishments., Hosted a coffee break or in-person gathering to share the project with others., Created posters, banners, illustrations or other visuals for the project., Secured an interview with news or radio station about the project (on campus or beyond)., Developed a marketing/communications campaign for the project (including social media, email, postering, coffee breaks, etc.), Wrote and placed an article on the project in an on-line or print publication (on campus or beyond)., Started and maintained a social media account for the project.
Started and maintained a website or blog for the project., Prepared a press advisory or statement for the project., Lined up influential people to speak about the project (i.e., campus or community leaders, celebrities, or other influentials), Provided media training to project members., Took photos or videos at project events, and secured releases for their use., Reached out to diverse groups on campus or in the community that had not been previously engaged in the project.
Designed or conducted a formative, summative, goals-based or goals-free evaluation of the project., Engaged faculty or students in statistics or related disciplines to help design and implement evaluation., Recruited science or technology faculty or students to monitor data., Took photos or videos before, during and after project, securing any necessary releases for use., Developed a summary report on goals, findings or impacts., Engaged media students, faculty or staff to assist with photography, videography or writing articles about the project’s impacts., Recruited students or others to interview community members, participants or others., Developed a project report including goals, progress, challenges, lessons learned or next steps.


Hosted a party with the leaders involved to acknowledge and appreciate effort, success and/or lessons learned., Organized an awards reception for individuals or groups on and/or beyond the campus., Awarded certificates, trophies, web banners or other form of recognition. , Arranged for incentives such as scholarships, monetary prizes, promotions, or other., Helped integrate new elements into performance goal setting or review processes with students, staff or others that are tied to raises or promotions., Applied for an award or other recognition for the project awarded by a third-party that is not employed by the campus (e.g., this can include the NWF application for EcoLeader project recognition or other local or international awards).
Facilitated reflection on lessons learned with one or more teams., Reviewed and revised plans, goals, or policies., Helped develop a plan to broaden and sustain engagement.
Facilitated wellness for myself and others through physical exercise., Cultivated a mentor or sought advice from others to help manage my personal and professional growth., Participated in a professional association or other support group of individuals who have similar goals, opportunities and challenges., Arranged for team support and renewal, such as coaching, relaxation sessions, outdoor time., Secured professional support for meeting design and facilitation., Engaged the support of professionals with team building, leadership, communications or structure. , Contributed to the cultivation of meaningful and friendly relationships with one or more team members, e.g., organizing meals together, hikes, birdwatching, or similar opportunities., Designed ways to share, distribute or decentralize responsibility to lighten the load for myself and others.
Other: Add up to three other actions that you think are important:
Fostered community engagement and partnership across diverse political, economic, religious, and cultural boundaries

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