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NWF Campaign Badges provide EcoLeaders with the opportunity to get directly involved with some of NWF’s most pressing campaigns and earn recognition for their efforts. These badges can be applied toward points needed for EcoLeader Certification or in addition to certification.

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Wildlife Badge

Wildlife Crossing Badge

Learn about work taking place to help protect Southern California’s mountain lions through wildlife crossings and how you can get involved.

Pollinator Badge

Monarch/Pollinator Badge

Learn about the importance of monarchs and all pollinators and how you can help.

Wildlife Badge

More badges coming soon!

We will continue to add additional exciting badge opportunities and there's no limit on how many you can earn! Stay tuned for future opportunities to make a difference!

How it works

EcoLeader campaign badges are integrated into the EcoLeader Certification process/application and can serve as stepping stones to certification or an additional recognition opportunity after earning EcoLeader Certification. 

Following the NWF "continuous learning and leadership" framework for EcoLeader Certification, EcoLeaders will be asked to earn points in the following categories:

Connect with leaders


Learn about the campaign and why it’s important to get involved

Connect with leaders


Choose an action(s) you’d like to take from a list generated by the NWF campaign staff leads

Connect with leaders


Choose a method to communicate about the campaign and the action you are taking

Connect with leaders


Choose an action to take that will help to sustain your effort on this campaign


Ready to earn a campaign badge?

Wildlife Crossing Badge Pollinator Badge